Battery Maintenance Accessories

battery watering gunNo battery room should be without this essential maintenance tool. Just connect the gun to a standard hose, put the tip in a cell and pull the trigger.  The fast filing rate of almost 2 gallons per minute tops off the cell quickly and will automatically shut off at exactly the right level.  This product speeds up the process of watering batteries and also improves the operator's safety. No wonder this device has been America's most popular battery maintenance tool for 15 years.

Battery Watering System

Industrial battery watering system for battery maintenanceOne of the biggest problems with battery maintenance is knowing when to fill batteries with water.

If watering is done too often there is a risk of over-watering.

If it left too late the battery can dry out.  Our solution is the Battery Watering Monitor otherwise known as the "Blinky" (because it blinks!)

The Blinky is a probe that is inserted into one cell of a battery.  It has a flashing green LED that informs battery maintenance personnel  when the battery needs water, and when it does not, as follows:

battery watering monitorWhen the LED is blinking the battery's electrolyte level is OK and no water is needed.  In other words, leave the battery alone!

When the LED stops blinking the battery needs water, so, you can "top it off"!

The "leave it alone" feature make the Blinky surprisingly efficient.  For example, if you have a hundred batteries equipped with Blinkys, and fifty are flashing while the other fifty are not, you just ignore those that are flashing and fill the ones that are not.  How simple.  How efficient!

(Please also note that for the Blinky to be effective you just use a very reliable watering system like our Water Injectors because the Blinky monitors only one cell and assumes that all the others are the same.  Don't try this with float systems!)

Benefits of the Blinky:

  • Provides accurate and understandable information
  • Prevents battery damage caused by over-watering and under-watering
  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Improves operator safety by eliminating individual cell inspections
  • Fits almost all industrial lead-acid batteries
  • Costs very little to buy and install
  • Survives tough, high temperature environments
  • Avoids physical damage by sitting only 3/4 inch above the cell cover
  • Draws its power from the battery on which it is installed
    (Note: It uses a minute amount of energy so the capacity of the battery is not affected).
  • Has a design life at least as long as that of the battery itself.

Warning! There are some other, inferior level indicators on the market but they do not have our patented circuitry and can give false (dim) signals.

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