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Water Miser 2000
Safety Vent

This new flip top vent cap features the most advanced design and engineering techniques in the battery industry. This vent cap in its modular design is the future of the lead acid battery.

This product is ergonomically correct and allow maintenance people to check the electrolyte fluid level without removing the cap from the battery

The snap on design of the flip top to the body allows the positioning of the closure t rotate in any direction.

This feature is critical in smaller celled, golf cart and scrubber batteries.

industrial battery vent cap diagram 1 A special medium in the from of pellets is installed to collect the electrolyte fluid during use or charging and allows liquid to drain back into the cell. This helps to keep the battery dryer and liquid in the cell where it belongs.

The watering process is easy. Simply flip open cap; insert filler and pull trigger (easy as one, two, three). Water less often because of reduced electrolyte loss.  Moisture return medium and hydrophobic cindered disc reduce the flow of electrolyte to the atmosphere.

The Water Miser 2000 Safety Vent reduces fumes and airborne particles in the air creating a safer environment for all personnel. Manufacturers can also use in their charging areas to reduce fumes.

industrial battery vent cap diagram 2