A Battery For Every Need

You have a choice! New and used batteries and the service on them are very expensive. You can continue to over spend on your industrial batteries and battery service or you can start saving  money now, by contacting A+Battery and Charger Service.

A+ Battery and Charger Service is offering you a chance to see what customer satisfaction is all about.  We service all makes of batteries and chargers. You will find our response to your service needs to be honest, professional and timely.  Our prices are very competitive; you can't find a better price for the same quality of service.

We offer an on site battery cleaning service, charger inspection and repair at a very low price.  Our preventive program includes charger inspection, minor cable repair, and on site washing.  With all this you will receive a voltage and specific gravity reading of every cell in the battery.

Most service companies want you to sign a contract.  We don't have contracts because we feel if our services are not A+ then we don't need to be there.  Not having any contracts means we have to do a great job and do it in a timely manner or you are under no obligation to call us back.

Upon your request we will furnish a list of references you may call at your convenience.  We look forward to earning your business.

Give A+Battery and Charger Service a try
and start saving money now.